Gillian Anderson on the stage 2014

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Gillian Anderson on the stage 2014

Odeslatod Mishka v 24 bře 2014 03:06

Hey all Gillian Anderson's fans, I really appreciate that I can join to this group and could ask you about my future Trip to London this Summer 2014. I would like to go to London's Theatre, where it supposed to be a Play with Gillian Anderson. I would like to go to London for 2-3 days ( can be less or more days, it depends on schedule) but for me the most important thing is to see Gillian Anderson live on the stage. Can be great therefore visit centre of London. This way I am trying to find somebody, who would like to go with me and join to this amazing trip. We will figure out our trip plans about accomodations, visiting some places together. Please only serious candidates :) let me know to my privat message or email: I am really excited about this dreamy trip. Have a good time everybody ;)
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